5 Immediate Tattoo Aftercare Tips

Now that you’ve gone ahead and got yourself inked, it’s time to focus on the aftercare. Tattoo first aid is crucial to prevent infections and ensure that they do not fade away. Here are five things you have to do immediately after a tattoo:

1. Listen to your tattoo artist carefully; unless you want your tattoo to end up on a tattoo –fail blog! It can be quite annoying for a tattoo artist to painstakingly take you through the entire tattoo aftercare process, only to find you inattentive. Or worse, do the complete opposite of what they’ve instructed.

2. Keep the bandage on for as long as the artist has advised you to. This helps to collect the blood and ink from the fresh tattoo. It also protects you from a bacterial infection.

3. Wash the tattoo for several times in a day with a mild and unscented antibacterial soap. Remove the blood, ink and the goopy plasma that oozes out very gently with your hands. And remember never to touch the tattoo without washing your hands thoroughly.

4. Tattoo artists usually apply Armor Gel immediately after completing the tattoo and then wrap the inked area in a bandage. Use the gel again after washing the tattoo and repeat this every time you wash.

5. Ensure that the skin is dry before applying a moisturizing lotion or Armor Gel. Water trapped between the cream and the skin may cause scabbing. It is for this reason that artists advise against swimming and exercising.

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