5 Tattoo Aftercare Tips To Remember

Tattoos ain’t for the faint of heart. But they’re still marvelously addictive – you start with one and end up with ink etched all over the body. As cool as it may be to tattoo, it is important to follow a tattoo first aid routine to allow the skin to heal and prevent an infection. Here are five tips to follow:

• Follow the tattoo artist’s advice:

Your tattoo artist is a professional who knows what technique works best. They know what product or healing procedure works best for you. in fact, tattoo artists aren’t obliged to offer a free tattoo touch up if you follow a different routine without consulting them.

• Use a tattoo healing cream immediately after a tattoo:

Your tattoo artist is likely to apply Armor Gel immediately after completing the tattoo but before wrapping it. Wash the tattooed area with mild soap and warm water. Apply Armor Gel 2 -3 times in a day to prevent infections. You may also apply a moisturizer if the skin is dry and appears flaky.

• Do not expose the tattoo to sunlight:

Sunlight may cause scabbing or even lighten the tattoo – do not expose it bright light for the first two weeks. Swimming in the ocean, pool, and other water bodies may affect the healing process. You may also have to curb activities that lead to excessive sweating. Put on some sunscreen when you step out, especially during the summer.

• Do not itch or pick up scabs:

Sometimes the tattooed area may itch. Do not give in to the temptation to itch or pick up scabs as they cause the ink to lose and lighten the tattoo. Use Armor Gel as a part of your tattoo aftercare routine to minimize scabbing and itching.

• Do not wear tight clothes or wrap your tattoo again:

Do not wrap the tattoo again, or wear tight clothes. It causes you to sweat more. The plastic wrap causes the ink to stick on them and become smelly. But if you’ve been advised to wrap, change the plastic after a few hours. Wash it with a mild unscented soap before wrapping it again. And don’t forget to apply the Armor Gel tattoo healing gel!

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