Why Are People Addicted To Tattoos

I am not sure if a tattoo lover would like his ‘passion’ for inking classified as an addiction, but that’s the term usually used. So, why does a single tattoo never enough? The first tattoo experience is probably out of naivety – because you have no idea how painful it can be. But how does one explain subsequent inking? Here’s why people love tattooing themselves:

• They’ve crossed the threshold of pain:

After the first tattoo, you know the pain and how well your body can cope. If you’ve got one, what’s the harm in trying another? For some, it is the pain of being tattooed that draws them towards tattooing. Oddly enough, some people use physical pain to relieve emotional stress. Besides it is a lot safer than self –harm.

• Self-expression:

With the exception of for some extreme cases, tattooing isn’t attention seeking. Tattoo fans hate this notion. Personality traits of people without tattoos aren’t very different from people with tattoos; except for the fact that the latter have a greater urge to be unique. Each tattoo is unique with people using their bodies to express what they believe. And sometimes, it can be the ultimate expression of love.

• Rebellious streak:

Tattoos have traditionally been used to symbolize a rite of passage. For example, African societies have used tattoos to signify the transition from boyhood to manhood. This is true in modern societies as well, albeit indirectly, wherein teenagers tattoo themselves as a mark of rebellion. It signifies a non–conformists attitude.

• Support System:

Sometimes people opt for tattoos that are a symbol for reassurance. It is a quote or an idea that reminds them of their principles – something that they can turn to when everyone else disappoints. For some others, it can be an attempt to undo past mistakes.

Whatever the intent, remember to follow tattoo aftercare safety procedures to prevent infections and manage itching.

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