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Brian R. – Armor Gel Pro Team Artist

I use armor gel everyday in the studio for aftercare and actually to tattoo with. I have replaced my everyday salve to Armor Gel with great results; less swelling, less skin redness, and so much more.

The product has been amazing for both my clients and me. I recommend Amor Gel for all areas of tattooing.




Cynthia W.

This stuff is AMAZING!!! Definitely saved me on my sidepiece! The healing time is crazy fast and also helps dull the pain!! I am a total advocate for the product. I have 6 friends looking to get work done and I am gong to make sure they buy Armor Gel!!! It’s like miracle gel.

Love that there is barely any redness after coating it with Armor Gel upon completion.




Andre D.

Aloha, I am the owner and artist of Rock Solid Tattoo in Hawaii. I was recently introduced to Armor Gel. I’ve been using samples given to me from a representative here ever since and it is wonderful!!! I did this back piece and my customer healed so nicely, it was amazingly, and in a shorter amount of time than usual using Armor Gel. This product is outstanding and I am excited to place my first order. Mahalo, Andre – Owner & Artist of Rock Solid Tattoo – Hawaii.



Ms. Julie W.

I love Armor Gel™ after care! Within the first application my tattoo felt a soothing and cooling sensation. It dramatically reduced the healing process time frame, compared to my prior tattoos. My tattoo looks amazing! Armor Gel™ seems to have sealed the ink into my skin, thank you!



Matt A. West

Armor Gel works amazingly! It was a nice smooth application to the tattoo and my client’s say it’s very soothing and cooling to the skin. It keeps the tattoo smooth without the common “raising of the skin” or the oily residue left behind. What really wowed me was how the skin calmed down giving it the look of a healed tattoo, really cool effect! The tattoo healed up quicker than normal and my clients had less time to worry about messing up their fresh ink. I would definitely recommend this product to other artists! Armor Gel looks like its going to be a top of the line aftercare product!




I’ve been giving and getting tattoo’s for over 13 years and have always dreaded the healing process.

Armor Gel™ took away all the itchiness, peeling and flaking. It’s scentless and very soothing to fresh ink. I now refer all of my clients to Armor Gel™ and have had nothing but great reviews!

Armor Gel™ is my new favorite aftercare!




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